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I have been developing Internet protocols and applications for about 30 years. I love to see how the Internet has grown and the applications it enabled. Let's keep it open!

Hiding a Wi-Fi network is worse than Security Theater

Last month, I spent a lot of time looking at Wi-Fi protocols, and in particular at the privacy implications of Wi-Fi on mobile devices. The main privacy issue with Wi-Fi the use of “worldwide unique” MAC addresses, which enable really … Continue reading

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Blinding the spy in our pockets

Ars Technica and NPR collaborated on an interesting story. The Ars reporter, Sean Gallaghan, installed a “modified” Wi-Fi router in the office of the NPR journalist, Steve Henn. The “PwnPlug” router can capture and analyze the traffic, mimicking what the … Continue reading

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DMARC or not, can email evolve?

Many years ago, I worked on email standards, developing for example a gateway between SMTP/TCP-IP and X.400. We used it in the very early years of the Internet, from 1983 to about 1990, when European research networks finally gave up … Continue reading

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The Apple TLS bug, and coding guidelines

Right when the whole industry appears to respond to the NSA spying by reinforcing their encryption defense, we learn about a bug in Apple’s TLS implementation. There are many comments on the web about the genesis of this bug, such … Continue reading

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On IPv6 security, SEND, CGA, and alternatives

Some time ago, in 2005, Tuomas Aura of Microsoft Research proposed a way to embed a “cryptographic proof” in the IPv6 addresses. The idea was to tie the address to a public key, by encoding in the IID part of … Continue reading

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A Server in Every Home

Our representatives just voted down the amendment do defund the NSA domestic monitoring program. The good news is that 205 representatives had the courage to vote “Yes” but the leaders of both democrats and republicans supported the NSA. What that … Continue reading

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Let’s build a cookie exchange

Bruce Schneier’s post on Internet privacy hits the nail on the head. He is not the first one to make the point. Scott McNealy did that in 1999. Reporters were asking questions about the privacy implications of Sun’s Java/Jini technology, … Continue reading

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