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I have been developing Internet protocols and applications for about 30 years. I love to see how the Internet has grown and the applications it enabled. Let's keep it open!

Can Telex.CC build censorship evasion in the network?

A colleague pointed me to Telex.CC, a project from the University of Michigan that proposes “a new approach to circumventing Internet censorship that is intended to help citizens of repressive governments freely access online services and information.” They start from … Continue reading

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Can we achieve private publication in a public DHT?

Many peer-to-peer systems rely on Distributed Hash Tables. DHT allow publication of indexed data through a set of cooperating nodes. For example, in the P2P SIP design, a SIP node can publish its current location, e.g. “,” indexed by the … Continue reading

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SOPA and the Great Firewalling of America

It appears that Microsoft does not in fact support SOPA, the draconian copyright protection proposal that the congress is working on. That’s very good news, and we have to enjoy every pieces of good news these days. Why do all … Continue reading

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Peer to peer, Friend to friend

Social networks are exclusive. Only my selected “friends” can see what I publish on Facebook. That would be great privacy feature, but there is a catch. All my information is stored in “the cloud,” and the masters of the cloud … Continue reading

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Safebook, an interesting peer-to-peer social network

Jon Crowcroft pointed me to Safebook, a peer to peer social network developed by a team of researchers at Eurecom. Eurecom is research lab and engineering school in Sophia-Antipolis, and I used to have closed contact with them 15 years … Continue reading

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IPv6, Privacy and the IEEE 802 identifiers

Recently, I found myself writing to an IPv6 IETF mailing list that a critical part of the IPv6 design “looked like a good idea at the time” but in fact was not. Back when we were designing IPv6, we chose … Continue reading

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A simple P2P DNS proposal

Extending DNS operation for peer-to-peer name resolution may be much simpler than many expect. DNS resolvers know how to maintain caches of previously resolved names. These caches can be used for progressive peer-to-peer name resolution without relying on centralized servers. … Continue reading

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