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I have been developing Internet protocols and applications for about 30 years. I love to see how the Internet has grown and the applications it enabled. Let's keep it open!

A simple P2P DNS proposal

Extending DNS operation for peer-to-peer name resolution may be much simpler than many expect. DNS resolvers know how to maintain caches of previously resolved names. These caches can be used for progressive peer-to-peer name resolution without relying on centralized servers. … Continue reading

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Self-keying domain names

The concept of “self-keying” domain names emerged as a parallel thread in the discussion of P2P DNS name. I have investigated this kind of names for some time, and I believe that I can make a fairly simple proposal. By … Continue reading

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Privacy, the cloud and P2P

For privacy advocates, the move of computing to the cloud looks scary. Web email servers routinely serve copies of email and conversation to lawyers and prosecutors. Of course, responsible companies only do so in response to legal warrants or subpoenas. … Continue reading

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Nothing good for the Internet can come from the UN

Here we go again. The UN is restarting a committee to study changes in Internet Governance. This is not new. The UN had been running an Internet Governance Forum for some time. The old forum achieved little more than publishing … Continue reading

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What would make P2P DNS successful?

At some level, the P2P DNS is a kneejerk reaction against arbitrary revocation of names by DNS registries. If registries cannot be trusted, we should replace them by a distributed system, which presumably would be impervious to interferences. Laudable goal, … Continue reading

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Distributed Hash Tables are really hard to secure

One of the designs proposed for a P2P name service is to “use a Distributed Hash Table” to distribute the resolution of the names in a P2P zone. I don’t believe that’s a very good idea, because DHT are really … Continue reading

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Can we protect P2P names from spoofing?

There is an obvious security issue with P2P names: spoofing. In the absence of a reference server for the P2P top domain, pretty much anyone can claim to own the name “Microsoft.P2P.” There are many ways around that. One is … Continue reading

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