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Looking back at Teredo, IPv6 deployment, and protocol design

I just read the paper on Teredo published in the Computer Communication Review: Investigating the IPv6 Teredo Tunnelling Capability and Performance of Internet Clients by Sebastian Zander, Lachlan L. H. Andrew, Grenville Armitage, Geoff Huston and George Michaelson. This is … Continue reading

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Making self-signed TLS happen

The IETF is in a pickle again. The security conscious folks would very much like to make TLS the norm for HTTP/2.0, but there is this little problem of certificate management. TLS requires that the server presents a public key … Continue reading

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Dreaming of open Wi-Fi

Was it just yesterday that people could just sit on a bench in a foreign city, scan the airwave, and just connect to an open Wi-Fi network? It wasn’t called Wi-Fi stealing then, and I know many people who enjoyed … Continue reading

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Locator-ID split in a new transport protocol

It seems that the Internet engineers like to periodically revisit old discussions. For example, every year or so, there will be intense exchanges on the IETF mailing list on the continuous use of ASCII for formatting RFC. The discussion will … Continue reading

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Thwarting Google Analytics with Internet Explorer options

Folks seem to discover that Google knows a whole lot about us. “Google seems to know your age, what you search…” Well, big news. Google is making money by selling advertisements, they hope to make even more money by selling … Continue reading

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The Comodo Hacker, PKI and Internet Standards

It has been about 10 months since the “Comodo Hacker” managed to get false PKI certificates from the Italian reseller of the Comodo certification authority. Then, by end of August or early September 2011, the same hacker managed to get … Continue reading

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Your IP Address is not anonymous!

There was a thread on Slashdot today about an “Anonymous hacker” who got caught by the FBI after launching a Denial of Service attack. As explained in this news report, this young man downloaded the “Low Orbit Ion Cannon” tool … Continue reading

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